Axway Learning Paths

Learning Paths consist of bite-size modules you can tackle in the order and pace that works best for you. Each module includes course material, lab exercises and an assessment. Complete all modules in a learning path and receive a certification. New learning paths will continue to be added.

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SDK Fundamentals

The SDK Fundamentals Learning Path offers module-based assessment training that helps to equip developers with the knowledge they need to build, debug and test apps. At the successful conclusion of this learning path, students will receive an SDK Fundamentals certificate and a digital badge (based on Mozilla Open Badges) verifying achievement. Training is most effective with participants from application development, quality, and architecture teams.

Arrow Builder Fundamentals

Arrow Builder is a framework for building microservices and APIs. The Arrow Builder Learning Path lays the groundwork for how to assemble APIs, models and connectors to access data and incorporate it into your client apps. Topics include how to: use both the visual and programmatic interfaces; optimize data; add additional business logic; implement security; auto-document APIs; troubleshoot issues and tune performance.

Hyperloop Fundamentals

Hyperloop allows you to use JavaScript for direct access ​to​ the native platform APIs as well as to 3rd party libraries. This learning path teaches the fundamentals of using Hyperloop and outlines best practices for how to use Titanium and Hyperloop together to maximize both experience and reuse.